Yet another reason why I love StumbleUpon

I found this picture on StumbleUpon. Try looking at this without laughing. Go on, try:

Morgan Freeman w/cotton candy

Morgan Freeman w/cotton candy (hilarious)

See? Couldn’t do it, could you?



7 Responses to “Yet another reason why I love StumbleUpon”

  1. HighlanderMonkey Says:

    The look on his face shows that he knows he looks like an idiot.

  2. Osama Says:

    I confess, I laughed before I read your caption … then again afterwards 😛

  3. Laser Beauty Says:

    I also love stumble upon, i actually found this blog through it..

  4. striggity Says:

    I can hear him giving an ultra serious monologue regarding the cotton candy right now. lol.

  5. Put it On A Tshirt Says:

    Nope. I couldn’t. Not sure why but it’s pretty funny.

  6. superguy9000 Says:

    Ahh, you got me.

  7. fn. d. b. Says:

    I found this on Stumble, too. Good stuff.

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